The Chapin Library is able to provide black on white or color photocopies from books, manuscripts, and other materials provided that, in the judgment of Library staff, such copying will not damage the item. All such work is performed by staff. Complete books or archival collections will not be copied unless of very modest length, and also subject to condition. As a general rule, copies are provided at no cost to students, faculty, and staff of Williams College, and in response to Interlibrary Loan requests made through the Williams College Library. To all other requestors, the cost is US$1.00 per image, plus postage if the copies are to be mailed. Unusually complicated orders may be subject to an additional labor fee of US$10.00, to be determined in consultation with Chapin Library staff.   Return to top

Interlibrary Loan

By policy, Chapin Library materials do not circulate, nor are they lent on Interlibrary Loan. The Library can, however, provide photocopies or scans from some of its holdings, depending on the magnitude of the request and the condition and dimensions of each item (see above). Formal Interlibrary Loan requests should be made through the Williams College Libraries.   Return to top


The Chapin Library is not able to provide microfilm, microfiche, or other copies in microformats.   Return to top

Photography and Scanning

Orders for photographic images are subject to the same restrictions of length and condition that apply for photocopying as stated above. The Library produces exclusively digital files, using whichever equipment is best suited to the task: currently, Epson V300, Epson 10000XL, Epson 11000XL, and ScanMaker 9800XL flatbed scanners, and Nikon 70S DSLR, PhaseOne D65+, and Digital Transitions RCam cameras (80 megapixel digital backs) with LED lamps. Requests for digital photos should include desired specifications (if any) for resolution (dpi/ppi) and format (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, EPS). Photographic services to students, faculty, and staff are provided at cost, unless the work is particularly complicated or time-consuming. For non-Williams requests, the Chapin Library charges US$20.00 per image, with an exception (at $1.00 per image) made for uncomplicated scanning of single sheets where the result is an unprocessed pdf. An extra fee may be applied for special studio work, e.g. photographing very large folios or prints.

Rush service is not available. All scanning and photography are performed in-house by Library staff who are also performing other duties.

Digital photographic files may be sent to requestors as e-mail attachments if within the limits of our mailing software, by FTP if the recipient has that capability, or through online services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, within limits. Files can also be provided on CD-R or DVD-R at an additional cost of US$5.00 per disc, plus postage.   Return to top


Please send requests by post or e-mail to Wayne Hammond, Chapin Librarian. Processing of orders usually takes at least two weeks, longer for complicated requests or during periods in which staff are on vacation or have previous commitments, e.g. at end of term. Prepayment of an order may be required. Checks must be in U.S. dollars only, and made payable to Chapin Library, Williams College. We regret that we cannot accept payment by credit card.   Return to top

Copyright and permissions

The provision of an image from the Chapin Library’s holdings does not in itself convey permission to publish it. Those intending to publish images thus provided must explicitly request permission to do so from the Library as property owner. It is also the responsibility of the requester to determine whether copyright applies to a particular image and to request permission from the owner of the copyright, if any. The Library reserves the right to require payment of a fee for use of any of its images in a commercial publication, according to our posted schedule [PDF].   Return to top

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