"Take Due Notice of Us for the Future":
Native Americans and Williams College

In this display, Special Collections (College Archives and Chapin Library) contributes to the campus-wide dialogue sparked by the Log mural depicting Ephraim Williams and Hendrick Peters Theyanoguin, and contextualizes the relationship between Williams College and Native Americans. Library collections reveal the presence of Native Americans in eighteenth-century real estate transactions with Mohicans, in the cornerstones of the college's rare book collection, and in the persistent tradition of "playing Indian." By displaying documentation of the many ways in which Native Americans are represented at Williams, we invite viewers to "take due notice" of Native history and of Native presence (and absence) in the campus community today. The exhibition is on view in the Chapin Gallery (Sawyer Library 406) through May 12, 2017 during our regular hours. Admission is free.

Also on display in the Chapin Gallery are the Founding Documents of the United States of America.

In the adjacent Instruction Gallery (Sawyer 408) through March 31, 2017 is "The Map as Narrative: Cartographic Evolution of Parisian Space, 1836–2015". In this display, based on the honors thesis of Hannah Benson, Class of 2017, the map is seen as a text or narrative which tells the story of a space and the people who live and work in it. “The narrative qualities of the map,” Ms. Benson says, “document physical and mental motion, reflect temporality and memory, and allow the map to recount how space is lived rather than how it is conceived.” On a visit to Paris, she asked Parisians to complete a blank map of the city in whatever way reflected their conception of Paris. The exhibition combines a selection of these personal maps with guidebooks and maps of Paris from the Chapin Library’s collections.

Finally, in the Steven Schow ’81 Gallery (Sawyer 455) are works of art from the Chapin collections, as well as John James Audubon's Birds of America double elephant folio: a new Audubon plate is displayed roughly twice each month.

Future Exhibitions

In the Instruction Gallery from early April will be a display of American materials curated by graduate art history student Rachel Wilson. In the Chapin Gallery, beginning mid-May will be an exhibition on the larger subject of Geoscience in concert with an Archives exhibition marking 200 years of teaching Geology at Williams College; and in the autumn, an exhibition will mark the 150th birthday of architect Frank Lloyd Wright from the Chapin Library's extensive collection of Wright's publications and other materials.

Past Exhibitions

This list includes primarily exhibitions presented in recent years:

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