Rear Admiral S.S. Robison
and Frank J. Sprague
with the six letter albums

Frank J. Sprague Albums

Following is a list of contributors to the six albums of letters and photographs presented to Frank J. Sprague (1857–1934) at a gathering to mark his 75th birthday in 1932. It is transcribed from pp. 39–53 of the book printed for the occasion, retaining for the most part the original and often varying abbreviations (e.g. “Co.” and “Company”, “R.R.” and “Railroad”), the compiler’s choice of entry elements for compound surnames, and the separation of names with “Mac” and “Mc” from the main sequence of “M” and from each other; but a few minor inconsistencies, have been corrected. Although the list in the book is headed “Contributors to Letters”, some of the persons named in fact did not contribute, or at least their letters and photographs are not present in the albums and there is no evidence that they were removed; these names are indicated in the list below with an asterisk (*).


Dr. C.G. Abbott, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution
Dr. Comfort A. Adams, Lawrence Professor of Engineering
     (Harvard University)
The Hon. Charles Francis Adams, Secretary of the Navy
Dr. Lawrence Addicks, Consulting Engineer
Dr. E.F.W. Alexanderson, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
E.W. Allen, Vice President, General Electric Co.
H.L. Andrews, Engineer, Transportation Dept., General Electric Co.
Lewis A. Armistead, Librarian, Boston Elevated Railway
B.J. Arnold, Consulting Engineer
The Rt. Hon. Lord Ashfield, Chairman, London Underground Railway
W.W. Atterbury, President, Pennsylvania Railroad Co.


Dr. L.H. Baekeland, Past President, Chemical Society
Samuel W. Balch, Patent Expert
George P. Baldwin, Vice President, General Electric Co.
Wm. A. Barber, Lawyer
J.H. Barnard, Commander, Past President, N.Y. Naval Graduates
H.H. Barnes, Jr., Vice President, General Electric Co.
J.G. Barry, Vice President, General Electric Co.
W.S. Barstow, President, W.S. Barstow & Co.
Chester Beach, Sculptor
Edward L. Beach, Capt., U.S.N. (ret.)
Victor S. Beam, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Herbert Bedford, Artist
John A. Beeler, Director, The Beeler Organization
R. Beeuwkes, Electrical Engineer, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul &
     Pacific Railroad
Chas. A. Benton, Major, Past General Agent, Sprague Electric Elevator Co.
E.M. Bentley, Patent Expert
A.W. Berresford, Managing Director, National Electrical Mfrs. Ass’n.
Riccardo Bertelli, President, Roman Bronze Works
Arthur Spencer Beves, Past Treasurer, Sprague Electric Ry. & Motor Co.
Bernard Blum, Chief Engineer, Northern Pacific Ry. Co.
W.P. Borland, Director, Bureau of Safety, Interstate Commerce Commission
Richard R. Bowker, Editor, Publisher & Industrial Director
J.C. Brackenridge, Consulting Engineer
C.O. Bradshaw, Investor
Dr. Robert Bridges, Literary Advisor, Charles Scribner’s Sons
F.M. Brinckerhoff, Consulting Engineer
H.M. Brinckerhoff, Consulting Engineer
Howard Brockway, Composer
Miles Bronson, Past General Manager, N.Y. Central Terminal
Raymond Brooks, Consulting Mining Engineer
A.A. Brown, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Lucian C. Brown, Industrial Executive
Wm. M. Brown, Industrial Executive
D.J. Brumley, Vice President, Illinois Central R.R.
M.C. Brush, President, American International Corporation
Richard S. Buck, Consulting Engineer
Britton I. Budd, President, Chicago Rapid Transit Co.
Ralph Budd, President, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R. Co.
Fred G. Buffe, Railway Executive
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President, Columbia University
Fred W. Butt, Engineer, N.Y. Central R.R.


O.H. Caldwell, President, N.Y. Electrical Society
A.D. Campbell, Railway Executive
W.L. Capps, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
L.M. Cargo, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
E.R. Carichoff, Electrical Engineer, General Electric Company
Dr. Alexis Carrel, Rockefeller Inst. of Medical Research
John J. Carty, Past Vice President, American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Frank E. Case, Engineer, General Electric Co.
Thos. W. Casey, President National Pneumatic Co.
J. McKeen Cattell, Editor, Science
The Rev. Edward M. Chapman, Author
James R. Chapman, Engineering Executive (ret.)
Starling W. Childs, Financier
F.X. Chilson, Business Consultant
N.A. Christensen, Inventor
L.W. Chubb, Director of Research, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
W.J. Clardy, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Barrett H. Clark, Author and Editor
Edward Hardy Clark, Lawyer and Financier
Charles L. Clarke, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company (ret.)
W.T. Cluverius, Rear Admiral, U.S.N.
Frank R. Coates, Financier and Executive
Howard E. Coffin, Inventor & Industrialist
Ellwood Colahan, Lawyer
S.K. Colby, Vice President, Aluminum Co. of America
Alphaeus P. Cole, Artist
Frank C. Cole, Patent Counselor
L.A. Coleman, Vice President, N.Y. & Queens Electric Light & Power Co.
Barron G. Collier, President, Barron G. Collier, Inc.
L.K. Comstock, Consulting Engineer
H.I. Cone, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
G.H. Condict, Consulting Engineer
J.G. Connor, Expert, Board of Transportation
Thos. Conway, Jr., Chairman, Philadelphia & Western Ry. Company
Mortimer E. Cooley, Dean, University of Michigan
Dr. W.D. Coolidge, Research Laboratory, General Electric Company
Robt. E. Coontz, Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
S.B. Cooper, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Maurice Coster, Vice President, Westinghouse International Co.
T.J. Cowie, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
J.B. Cox, Engineer, General Electric Co.
H.S. Crocker, President, American Society Civil Engineers
Oscar T. Crosby, Electrical Executive and Engineer
Homer Croy, Author
H.A. Currie, Electrical Engineer, New York Central R.R.
C.G. Curtis, Inventor and Engineer


R.H. Dalgleish, Chief Engineer, Capitol Traction Co.
Edward Dana, General Manager, Boston Elevated Co.
Josephus Daniels, Ex-Secretary, U.S. Navy and Editor
C.E. Davies, Corresponding Secretary, The Newcomen Society
J. Vipond Davies, Consulting Engineer
A.G. Davis, Vice President, General Electric Co.
J.M. Davis, President, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R.
Christopher Day, Executive, Chicago Rapid Transit Co.
E.H. de Groot, Executive, Interstate Commerce Commission
* Stepan de Kosenko, Artist
B.L. Delack, Executive, General Electric Co.
Frederick S. Dellenbaugh, Author and Explorer
Fred Dell, Executive, American Electric Railway Association
Wm. C. de Mille, DeMille Studio
Edwin H. Denby, Architect
Wm. N. Dickinson, Consulting Engineer
S.T. Dodd, Engineer, General Electric Co.
Henry L. Doherty, Capitalist
W.E. Donovan, Consulting Engineer
F.G. Dorety, Vice President & General Counsel, Great Northern Ry. Co.
Vernon M. Dorsey, Patent Counsel
E.E. Dorting, Secretary, New York Electrical Society
J.S. Doyle, Executive, Interborough Rapid Transit Company
Walter A. Draper, President, Cincinnati St. Rys. Co.
J.V.B. Duer, Electrical Engineer, Pennsylvania R.R.
Mrs. Louis Duncan, Widow of Dr. Louis Duncan
Chas. A. Dunham, Supt. of Signals, Great Northern Ry. Company
Gano Dunn, President, J. G. White Eng. Corpn.
Samuel O. Dunn, Chairman of Board, Simmons Boardman
     Publishing Company


Ralph Earle, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.), President, Worcester Polytechnic
C.R. Ellicott, Vice President, Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
W.L.R. Emmet, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
C.D. Emmons, President, Hudson & Manhattan Ry. Company
J.B. Entz, Inventor and Consulting Engineer
Hon. John. J. Esch, Past Chairman, Interstate Commerce Commission
H. Etheridge, Vice President, Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler & New Castle R.R.
C.E. Eveleth, Vice President, General Electric Co.
Geo. C. Ewing, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Thomas Ewing, Past Commissioner of Patents
Richard Eyre, Chairman, New York Patent Law Association


Edwin C. Faber, Executive, Barron G. Collier, Inc.
F.M. Feiker, Director, Department of Commerce
John H. Finch, Transportation Expert, Chicago Rapid Transit Co
Bradley A. Fiske, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
Edward T. Fitzgerald, Executive Engineer, Board of Transportation,
     New York
Thos. Fitzgerald, Vice President, Pittsburgh Rys. Co.
Dr. L. Fleischman, Director, Allgeimeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft
C. de Fornaro, Author
Dr. K.G. Frank, Consulting Engineer
August Franzen, Artist
George Frey, Vice President, J.G. Brill Co.
Dr. E. Frischmuth, Director, Siemens Schuckert Werke
Daniel Frohman, Theatrical Producer


Ossip Gabrilowitsch, Conductor, Detroit Philharmonic Orchestra
Mrs. Ossip Gabrilowitsch, Artist and Author
J. Howland Gardner, President, The Society of Naval Architects and
     Marine Engineers
Henry Garrity, Publisher
Dr. Thomas S. Gates, President, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Frederick Gay, Department of Bacteriology, Columbia University
Bancroft Gherardi, Vice President & Chief Engineer, American Telephone
     & Telegraph Co.
George Gibbs, Consulting Engineer
* Joseph B. Gilder, Author
James H. Glennon, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
Philip G. Gossler, President, Columbia Gas & Electric Corporation
L.E. Gould, Business Executive
W.G. Gove, Superintendent of Equipment, Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit
R.N. Graham, Vice President, Penn-Ohio System
Dr. Erno Graner, Lawyer, Budapest
L.P. Graner, Consulting Engineer
* Robert Griffin, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
Edwin Gruhl, President, North American Co.
Howard F. Gurney, Business Executive


Dr. Henry K. Hadley, Composer and Conductor
J.S. Hagan, Electrical Engineer, Central R.R. of New Jersey
William F. Ham, President, Washington Ry. & Elec. Co.
Clayton Hamilton, Author and Dramatic Critic
Edwin W. Hammer, Patent Expert
Williams J. Hammer, Major, Consulting Patent Expert
J.W. Hammond, Editor, General Electric Co.
John J. Hanna, President, Capital Traction Co.
W.L. Hauck, Business Executive
Nathan Hayward, President, The Franklin Institute
Hugh Hazleton, Electrical Engineer
Guy C. Hecker, General Secretary, American Electric Ry. Association
Frank Hedley, President, Interborough Rapid Transit Company
R.E. Hellmund, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Henry H. Henline, Executive, American Institute Electrical Engineers
G. Ross Henninger, Editor
Philip W. Henry, Secretary, American Institute Consulting Engineers
Oliver Herford, Author and Artist
E.M. Herr, Vice Chairman, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
John R. Hewett, Editor, General Electric Review
L.J. Hibbard, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
John Grier Hibben, President, Princeton University
E.R. Hill, Consulting Engineer
* Geo. R. Hill, Engineer, General Electric Co.
Arthur Hinton, Composer
Katharine Goodson Hinton, Virtuoso
J.M. Hipple, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
C.F. Hirshfeld, Executive, American Electric Ry. Association
H.M. Hobart, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
Richmond Pearson Hobson, Capt., U.S.N. (ret.), President, World Narcotic
     Defense Association
Harry L. Hoffman, Artist
W.W. Holdon, Executive, San Antonio Public Service Company
Elon Huntington Hooker, President, Hooker Electro Chemical Co.
Herbert Hoover, The President
Benjamin A. Howes, Consulting Engineer
C.C. Hubbell, Executive, Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R.
E. Huber-Stockar, Permanent Consulting Engineer, Swiss Federal Railways
S.W. Huff, President, Third Avenue Railway Co.
A.L. Humphrey, President, Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
Harry Mc-L.P. Huse, Vice Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
Dr. Cary T. Hutchinson, Consulting Engineer
Dr. M. R. Hutchison, Consulting Engineer
Chas. E. Hyatt, Engineering Executive


Colin M. Ingersoll, Consulting Engineer
Institution of Civil Engineers, London, Eng.
Institution of Elec. Engineers, London, Eng.
Samuel Insull, Public Utilities
Hermann Irion, Vice President, Steinway & Sons
Wallace Irwin, Author


Dr. Dugald C. Jackson, Professor of Electrical Engineering,
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
H.D. James, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Dr. Frank B. Jewett, President, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated
H.A. Johnson, General Manager, Chicago Rapid Transit Company
Dr. R. U. Johnson, Author
Chas. C. Jones, Engineer
C.R. Jones, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
H. Roger Jones, Assistant Attorney General, State of Connecticut
F.B. Junghans, Engineer
H.G. Jungk, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.


E.R. Kaan, Engineering Executive
V. Karapetoff, Professor, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University
George Keegan, Executive, Interborough Rapid
     Transit Company
Dr. John L. Kelly, D.D.S.
J.P. Kelly, Executive, Interstate Commerce Commission
Messmore Kendall, Architect
H.J. Kenfield, Publisher
A.E. Kennelly, Professor, Emeritus, Electrical Engineering,
     Harvard University
Dr. Charles G. Kerley, Physician
C.B. Keyes, Executive, General Electric Co.
H.A. Kidder, Superintendent of Motive Power, Interborough Rapid Transit Company
R.H. Kilner, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
S.M. Kintner, Vice President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
M.B. Kitt, Business Executive
Geo. W. Kittredge, Consulting Engineer, New York Central R.R.
Max Knab, Mechanical Engineer
Dr. C. Kottgen, Director, Siemens Schuckert Werke
A. Walter Kramer, Editor, Musical America


Henry E. Lackey, Rear Admiral, U.S.N.
M.B. Lambert, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Philip A. Lang, Electrical Engineer
T.R. Langan, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Lawrence Langner, Author and Playwright
Harris Laning, Rear Admiral, President, Naval War College
H.N. Latey, Chief Electrical Engineer, Board of Transportation, New York City
C.N. Lauer, President, American Society Mechanical Engineers
Prof. William W. Lawrence, Professor of English, Columbia University
Geo. Le Boutillier, Vice President, Pennsylvania Railroad Company
William S. Lee, President, W.S. Lee Engineering Corporation
S.H. Libby, Past Engineer, Sprague Electric Co.
P.M. Lincoln, Director, School of Engineering, Cornell University
John Lindall, Executive, Boston Elevated Railway Co.
Gustav Lindenthal, Consulting Bridge Engineer
Norman Litchfield, Engineer
Lucius Nathan Littauer, Manufacturer
J.R. Lovejoy, Vice President, General Electric Co.
Dr. Emil Ludwig, Historian and Author
Robert Lundell, Inventor and Electrical Engineer
A.D. Lundy, Engineering Executive
Harry D. Lyon, Train Control Engineer, Interstate Commerce Commission


John O. Madison, Engineer, Board of Transportation, New York City
C.O. Mailloux, Consulting Engineer
Horace B. Mann, Architect
A.J. Manson, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
L.C. Marburg, Business Executive
Senator Guglielmo Marconi, Inventor and Scientist
Dr. Edwin Markham, Poet
C.B. Martin, Engineer, New York Central R.R.
J.E. Martin, Engineer
Edwin Meissner, Business Executive
W.S. Menden, President, Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation
F.A. Merrick, President, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
George Metcalfe, Editor, Electrical Engineering
Dr. Oskar von Miller, Director, Deutches Museum, Munich
Dr. R.A. Millikan, Physicist
S.N. Mills, Asst. Director, Bureau of Safety, Interstate Commerce Commission
* S.Z. Mitchell, Chairman, Electric Bond & Share Co.
Ralph Modjeski, Consulting Engineer
W.A. Moffett, Rear Admiral, Chief of Bureau of Aeronautics,
     Navy Department
F.A. Molitor, Colonel, Consulting Engineer
W.S. Moody, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
F. Luis Mora, Artist
E.L. Moreland, Engineer
Dr. Fordé Morgan, Business Executive
Bryce E. Morrow, Utility Executive
Malcolm Muir, President, McGraw Hill Publishing Co.
Wm. S. Murray, Consulting Engineer
L.E. Myers, Industrialist


Malcom MacLaren, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University


Wm. McClellan, Vice President, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation
Morgan H. McClement, Industrialist
Dr. Howard McClenahan, Secretary, The Franklin Institute
J.W. McCloy, Editor, American Electric Railway Association
Walter M. McFarland, Past President, U. S. Naval Graduates Association
P.A. McGee, Engineering Executive, The Reading Co.
T.J. McGill, President, Twin City Rapid Transit Co.
James H. McGraw, Publisher
E.J. McIlraith, Staff Engineer, Chicago Surface Lines
Alexander McIver, Engineering Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
R. McLean, Rear Admiral, U.S.N.
J.S. McWhirter, Executive, Third Avenue R.R. Co.
A.D. McWhorter, Executive, Memphis Street Railway


Edward J. Nally, Director, Radio Corporation of America
George Nash, Actor
Naval Academy Graduates Association of New York
A. Edward Newton, Collector and Author
Henry H. Norris, Executive, Boston Elevated Railway
H.M. Norris, Executive, Interborough Rapid Transit Company


E.G. Oberlin, Captain, U.S.N., Director Research Laboratory
R.M. O’Brien, Executive, New Orleans Public Service
Alfred G. Oehler, Editor, Railway Electrical Engineer
I. Ofverholm, Chief Electrical Engineer, Swedish State Rys.
George W. Orrok, Consulting Engineer
L.A. Osborne, President, Westinghouse Electric Int. Co.
J.F. Owens, President, National Electric Light Association
Dr. R.B. Owens, Physicist


T.J. Pace, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
L.G. Pacent, President, Pacent Electric Co.
Charles Lathrop Pack, Forester
Willard D. Paddock, Sculptor
Albert Bigelow Paine, Author
Leigh C. Palmer, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.). Executive, American
     So. African Line
Ray Palmer, Consulting Engineer
Guido Pantaleoni, Capitalist
Guido Pantaleoni, Jr., Lawyer
Horace F. Parshall, Consulting Engineer
H. de B. Parsons, Consulting Engineer
A.B. Paterson, President, New Orleans Public Service Company
Hugh Pattison, Engineer, Electric Traction, Virginian Railway
L.C. Paul, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
George Foster Peabody, Financier and Philanthropist
Geo. H. Pegram, Chief Engineer, Interborough Rapid Transit Company
Ernest C. Peixotto, Artist and Author
Dr. Josiah H. Penniman, Provost, University of Pennsylvania
Chas. P. Perin, President, American Institute Consulting Engineers
John J. Pershing, General, U.S.A.
Frank R. Phillips, President, Philadelphia Co.
H.K. Pinkerton, Engineer, Cleveland Union Terminal Company
D.W. Pontius, President, Pacific Electric Rwy. Co.
H.H. Porter, Utility Executive
H.B. Potter, Vice President, United Railway & Electric Company
W.B. Potter, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
Chas. R. Pratt, Consulting Engineer
Charles W. Price, Publisher
Dr. Michael I. Pupin, Professor Emeritus in Active Residence,
     Columbia University
D.W. Pye, Business Executive


Frank B. Rae, Inventor
Frank C. Reed, Vice President, Westinghouse Electric Elevator Company
Dr. Walter Reichel, Direktor, Siemens-Schuckert Co.
Calvin W. Rice, Secretary, American Society Mechanical Engineers
E.W. Rice, Jr., Honorary Chairman, General Electric Company
Guy A. Richardson, President, Chicago Surface Lines
Robt. Ridgway, Chief Engineer, Board of Transportation New York City
L.G. Riley, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
A.W. Robertson, Chairman, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Thos. Robins, Secretary Naval Consulting Board
S.M. Robinson, Rear Admiral, U.S.N., Chief Bureau of Engineering
S.S. Robison, Rear Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
G.H. Rock, Rear Admiral, U.S.N., Chief of Bureau of Construction & Repair
Hugh Rodman, Admiral, U.S.N. (ret.)
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor, State of New York
Walter Rosen, Banker
Mrs. Walter Rosen, Musician
W.T. Rossell, Vice President, Brooklyn & Queens Transit Corporation
W.S. Rugg, Vice President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
D.B. Rushmore, Consulting Engineer
Harris J. Ryan, Professor of Electrical Engineering,
     Leland Stanford University


Herbert L. Satterlee, Past Assistant, Secretary of the Navy
F. X. Saurau, Bundesbahn-President A. D.
W. H. Sawyer, Engineer, Executive
Frederick A. Scheffler, Engineering Executive
Charles M. Schwab, Chairman, Bethlehem Steel Co.
Dr. Charles F. Scott, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Yale University
C.F. Scott, Engineer, General Electric Co.
Walter Scott, Colonel, Industrialist
P.V.C. See, Executive, Akron Transportation Co.
Ralph Senter, President, Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company
C.S. Sergeant, Past Vice President, Boston Elevated Railway
F.M. Shannon, Engineer
Frank H. Shepard, Director of Heavy Traction, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Cephus Shirley, Executive
Carl F. von Siemens, Chairman of the German Government Railways;
     Chairman of the Siemens Companies
William S. Sims, Admiral, U.S.A. (ret.)
J.J. Sinclair, Executive, Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation
C.E. Skinner, Engineering Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
W.I. Slichter, Professor of Electric Engineering, Columbia University
Del A. Smith, General Manager, Department Street Railways, City of Detroit
H. Gerrish Smith, President, National Council of American Shipbuilders
Roy C. Smith, Captain, U.S.N. (ret.)
W.H. Smith, Engineer, Reading Co.
Society of Austrian Engineers & Architects
H.M. Southgate, Executive, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
S.A. Spalding, Chief Engineer, Gibbs & Hill
Chas. M. Sprague, Business Executive
Desmond Sprague, Mechanical Engineer, Sprague Specialties Company
* Harriet C. Sprague, Collector and Author
Julian K. Sprague, President, Sprague Condensers, Ltd.
Robt. C. Sprague, President, Sprague Specialties Co.
W.J. Stanton, Industrial Executive
W.H. Stayton, Captain, U.S.N. (ret.), President, National Naval
     Graduates Association
Meier Steinbrink, Justice, Supreme Court of the State of New York
C.E. Stephens, Vice President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
Albert Sterner, Artist
H.E. Stevens, Vice President, Northern Pacific Ry. Company
S.B. Stewart, Engineer, General Electric Company
Lewis B. Stillwell, Consulting Engineer
Chas. W. Stone, Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company
N.W. Storer, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
Lyman Beecher Stowe, Editor and Author
Julian Street, Author
B.E. Sunny, Financier
Dr. Ambrose Swasey, Scientist and Engineer
Gerard Swope, President, General Electric Company
N.G. Symonds, Vice President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company


Si Tanhauser, Office of the Vice President, Penna. R.R.
Booth Tarkington, Author
Charles A. Terry, Vice President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
Nikola Tesla, Inventor
Benj. B. Thayer, Vice President, Anaconda Mining Co.
Prof. Leon Theremin, Inventor
J.W. Thomas, Business Executive
Dr. Elihu Thomson, Scientist and Inventor
Merle Thorpe, Editor, Nation’s Business
Philip Torchio, Senior Vice President, New York Edison Company
Calvert Townley, Assistant to President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
A.F. Townsend, President, Northern Texas Company
J.P. Tretton, Executive, Indianapolis Street Rwy.
J.F. Tritle, Engineer, General Electric Co.
J.S. Tritle, Vice President, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
* Althea Sprague Tucker, Author
J.J. Tucker, Architect
Gordon Turnbull, Business Executive
Daniel L. Turner, Consulting Engineer
Scott Turner, President, American Institute Mining Engineers
W.B. Tuttle, Colonel, President, San Antonio Public Service Corporation


F.B. Upham, Rear Admiral, U.S.N., Chief of Bureau of Navigation,
     Navy Department
F. Urban, Executive Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Company
Em. Uytborck, Union des Exploitation Electriques en Belgium


J.H. Van Alstyne, President, Otis Elevator Co.
Claude L. Van Auken, Managing Editor, Electric Traction
W.M. Vandersluis, Engineering Executive, Illinois Central Railroad
S.M. Vauclain, Chairman, Baldwin Locomotive Works
Oswald Garrison Villard, Editor, The Nation
F.M. Vogel, Engineer
H.M. Vreeland, Capitalist


R.E. Wade, Engineer, General Electric Co.
W.H. Waitt, Business Executive
E.P. Waller, Executive, General Electric Co.
Wm. M. Wampler, Business Executive
Dr. Wilhelm Wechmann, Reichsbahndirektor
L.S. Wells, Engineering Executive, Penna. R.R.
H.H. Westinghouse, Chairman, Westinghouse Air Brake Co.
Dr. J.B. Whitehead, Engineer and Scientist
S.L. Whitestone, Comptroller, General Electric Co.
Gilbert Whitney, Signal Engineer, N.Y.R.T. Commission
Dr. Louis Wiley, Executive, New York Times
W.J. Wilgus, Colonel, Consulting Engineer
A.L. Willard, Vice Admiral, U.S.N.
F.E. Williamson, President, New York Central R.R.
* Fremond Wilson, Consulting Engineer
A.J. Witherell, Business Executive
Sidney Withington, Electrical Engineer, New York, New Haven &
     Hartford R.R.
Peter Witt, Utility Executive
B.F. Wood, President, Stevens & Wood
F.T. Wood, President, Fifth Avenue Coach Co.
W.E. Wood, Vice President, Engineers Public Service Company
G.M. Woods, Engineer, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
G.I. Wright, Engineer, Electric Traction, Reading Co.
Roy V. Wright, Managing Editor, Railway Age
J.F.H. Wyse, Executive, Canadian National Safety League


H.E. Yarnell, Rear Admiral, U.S.N.
Owen D. Young, Chairman, General Electric Co.
B.J. Yungbluth, President, International Railway Co.

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