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Cookery for Beginners
by Marion Harland
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Cookbooks and Culinary Studies

Food, drink, and eating – the preparation, presentation, and sharing of meals – are at the heart of human culture. The Chapin Library supports the study of this important aspect of civilization with holdings from the 15th to the 20th centuries. These include more than 500 American cookbooks from the collection of Eleanor T. Fordyce (mother of Robert P. Fordyce, Williams Class of 1956), important rare titles of French gastronomy acquired with the support of Bruce Healy, Class of 1968, and his wife Alice, works on the virtues of honey in the Duane W. and Leeta L. Bailey library of books on bees and beekeeping, and other volumes and broadsides concerned with food in nature. Many of the cookbooks in the Chapin Library in fact are more than collections of recipes: they also contain advice for treating illness and preserving health, directions for table and social etiquette, hints for domestic maintenance, and information about farming and husbandry. As such, they are sources for research in social history, medicine, and agriculture as well as guides to cookery.

An essay by Robert Volz on the Chapin Library’s culinary holdings and an article by Professor Darra Goldstein on the Library’s acquisition of Physiologie du goût, ou, Méditations de gastronomie transcendante by Brillat-Savarin are also available on this site.

Selected Reference Sources in the Chapin Library

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This collection is available for use in the Archives/Chapin reading room in Sawyer Library, Room 441.

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